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To identify novel and effective drug targets or biomarkers, find new applications for approved drugs, or understand disease progression and drug response, researchers need straightforward and reliable access to relevant information from the vast amount of published scientific knowledge.

Pathway Studio addresses this need by providing easy access to a comprehensive knowledgebase of integrated molecular information and interactions harvested from millions of full-text scientific papers, PubMed abstracts, and clinical trials. Analytical and visualization tools help researchers delve into this collection of information, explore molecular connections, and share their discoveries graphically.

Pathway Studio supports both human and plant researchers, and is available both as a web-based application for individuals and in an enterprise configuration for companies. 

Researchers use Pathway Studio to:

PathwayAssist is a software application developed for navigation and analysis of biological pathways, gene reg-ulation networks and protein interaction maps. It comes with the built-in natural language processing module MedScan and the comprehensive database describing more than 100 000 events of regulation, interaction and modification between proteins, cell processes and small molecules.PathwayAssist is available for commercial licensing from Ariadne Genomics, Inc. The light version with limited functionality will be available for free for academic users at www.ariadnegenomics.com/downloads/

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